Chasing Paper Birds


CAST  Vladimir Burlakov, Henrike von Kuick, Lucie Aron, Florian Bartholomäi, Jacob Matschenz, Albrecht Schuch, Pit Bukowski

PRODUCED BY  [f.u.c.]Film, Penny Lane Film, Beleza Film

HIMHIMHER, Anagram Media

STATUS In Post-production


Over the course of an endless Berlin summer night three people desperately search for happiness. Mia, an aspiring French dancer has to re-invent herself after both her love and dreams are shattered. Keks, a local DJ, escapes into the Berlin party night until reality forces her eyes open. And video performance artist Ian is for the first time in love, but also the first time rejected and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. Three storylines about love and hope, obsessions and fears, weave into one another allowing for a beautifully haunting glimpse into the darker side of a lost generation,  running away from themselves. And before you know it the birds are chirping again, despite the fact that not all characters choose to ‘wake up’.